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Comment by: 0611034942 24 Sep, 2016
Comment by: 9091089453 24 Sep, 2016
Comment by: Its the same Subway, with the same fairly tasty sandwiches that claim to be healthy, but really aren't (check the nutritional info on their website) as you get the whole world over. But its fairly cheap and fairly nice if you are in a rush or just lazy. Good meal deals with a syrup based drink and chocolate circle. As usual with Subway you can 'have it your way', assuming the usually incredibly depressed staff actually listen to you. They are actually usually very friendly and helpful, will suggest different things and ideas if you wish. One of the few 'fast food' places with decent Veggie options. 24 Sep, 2016
Comment by: Don't waste your time ,2 phone calls made, 1 answered by a person who said they will get back,1 call to answer machine, 1 Email sent via their web site. All ignored. 24 Sep, 2016
Comment by: Taking a photograph of an outsiders house, printing it out and adhering it to a schedule, then abandoning it on their doorstep. That is not advertising, that is unpleasant and obtrusive. 24 Sep, 2016

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+44 : 1225789958
Name : Subway Sandwiches
Country : United Kingdom
+44 : 2476411895
Name : JS Clock Repairs
Country : United Kingdom
+61 : 246278981
Name : Prudential Real Estate Campbel
Country : Australia
+61 : 292675148
Name : Hotel Coronation
Country : Australia
+44 : 1213597112
Name : A & S Plumbing & Heating
Country : United Kingdom
+44 : 7973667724
Name : Medina School Of Motoring
Country : United Kingdom
+61 : 1300882181
Name : Aussie Emergency Glass
Country : Australia
+61 : 387513157
Name : Just Threading-Parkmore
Country : Australia

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