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Maldives reverse phone number lookup. Country code 960 and city dialing codes. See if someone from the Maldives has been calling your phone and what others have experienced with that phone number. Read the reviews and leave your own feedback.

960 Country Code Maldives

Maldives a country that is 5 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time. The international telephone dialing code for Maldives is +960. Dialing to Maldives involves first entering the international telephone dialing code, that is, +960 which is then followed by an area code. The different countries in Maldives have different area codes. The phone numbers in Maldives follow a seven digit format. The format for dialing a number in Maldives is: Country code (+960)-Dial code-Subscriber number. The dial code spans three digits and each atoll in Maldives has a specific dial code. Here is a table of the area codes of all the countries in the Maldives.



Alif Alif


Alif Dhaalu






Gaafu Alifu


Gaafu Dhaalu




Haa Alif


Haa Dhaalu




























Phone Number Lookup Maldives Code 960

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More On Maldives

Maldives is a popular tourist spot and is famous for its natural beauty. Maldives attracts flocks of tourists every year. Maldives is a hub for tourists at any time of the year due to its tropical climate. The nation is located in the Indian Ocean and is made up of a large number of coral islands. Some of the popular attractions are the lagoons, reefs, and beaches. The dominance of sea makes it a destination where water sports are quite popular. The capital of Maldives is Male.

Interesting Facts and Attractions in the Maldives

There are quite a number of places to visit in Maldives.

The City and the History

Maldives is made of 26 ring shaped coral reefs known as atolls. Out of these 26 atolls, the smallest atoll, Fua Mulaku has the largest island in Maldives. The place is quite fertile and is famous for fruits and vegetables unique to Maldives alone. The capital city is famous for the Grand Friday Mosque. The mosque draws a lot of attention because of is architecture. It is the largest mosque in Maldives.

For those who like to explore the rich history of Maldives the Maldives National Museum in Male houses artifacts depicting the culture of Maldives. One of the crucial events in the history of Maldives is the time when Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu and his brothers fought against the Portugese who had colonized Maldives during those times. He is one of the most remembered Sultans. and the wooden palace, Utheemu Ganduvaru where the Sultan grew up is a popular tourist spot. The palace has been well-maintained over the years and is in good condition.

The Old Friday Mosque dating back to 1656 is again a beautiful sight to behold. The walls of the mosque are covered with intricate Arabic Script and carved to perfection.

Water Sports

An interesting fact about Maldives is that, the islands have their own section of coral garden and natural aquarium which is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Amateur swimmers can swim in the natural swimming pool formed by the shallow waters enclosed by reefs. These swimming pools are protected from ocean waves and tidal currents. When it comes to water sports the Manta Point is offers a great experience. A species of rays called the Manta rays accompany you under the water if you happen to scuba dive or snorkel.

Another popular tourist site is the Banana Reef. True to its name, the island seems to be shaped like a banana in the aerial view. It is one of the oldest diving sites with some beautiful coral growths, cliffs, and so on. The caves under the sea are quite fascinating as they are populated by a large number of different species of exotic sea creatures. You can also opt to go for Catamaran sailing.

The waters of Maldives are just perfect for sailing and will make you fall in love with nature over and over again. You can sail in the blue waters enjoying peace and serenity as you do so. You can also take ride in the glass bottomed boat. The bottom of the boat is made of glass and it is as if you can see right into the ocean from below the boat as you are floating along the waters of Maldives. It is definitely something to try. You can even see exotic marine animals floating by right below your feet. It is a truly an amazing experience.

Other activities include kayaking, kite surfing, and jet skiing. If you have ample time, you should definitely try out the banana boat ride in which you simply ride on a boat that is shaped to bear very close resemblance to bananas! Also, do not miss out on fishing. Fishing is an extremely big game in Maldives considering the water bodies and if you spend a day fishing with the locals, you will come across some rare species of fish like tuna and sailfish.

Maldives Phone Number Lookup | 960 Code