Bahrain Reverse Phone Number Lookup | Code 973

Reverse phone number lookup in Bahrain. Who called from Bahrain? The country code of Bahrain is 973. A typical phone number in Bahrain consists of eight digits. Land-line numbers start with the digit ‘1’. Two digits that occur after the land-line prefixes in phone numbers indicate the region of Bahrain in which the subscriber is located. There are three service providers in Bahrain, namely Batelco, Viva, and Zain.

Bahrain is divided into several cities, but none of these cities have a dial code. The format for dialing a number in Bahrain is: Country code (973)-Subscriber number

About Bahrain Phone Numbers

Bahrain is an Arab country that is made up of more than thirty islands and has been a major trade route since ancient times. Bahrain, known as the Kingdom of Bahrain is made of 33 natural islands and a number of man-made islands. It is an archipelago of islands. Bahrain is home to the ancient Dilmun civilization and the nation is famous for its pearl fishing.

Bahrain was known to recover some of the best quality pearls in the world. Bahrain used to have an oil-based economy. It has also been focusing on sectors like banking and tourism. The capital of Bahrain is Manama.

Tourist Attractions in Bahrain

Manama is awash with a mix of the ancient and the modern. On the surface, the city is full of skyscrapers and shimmering buildings. But deeper exploration reveals a number of souks that you can visit if you want to lay your hands on some pearls, spices, and a number of other interesting goods. The city houses the Bahrain National Museum. The museum has stories to tell of the time when Bahrain was ruled by the Persians and the Portuguese.

The Tree of Life
The tree of life is the only major tree growing in Bahrain. The most intriguing aspect of the tree is that no one knows till today, how the tree has been surviving. One of the speculations made by scientists suggests that perhaps, the tree draws water from an underground source. A few others are of the opinion that the tree is thriving because it has learnt to extract moisture from the breezes blowing from the Persian Gulf. There are speculations that the tree of life may even be the one that stood in the Garden of Eden as per the Holy Books and thus, it survives because it is watered by a mystical source.

The tree is 400 years old and is surprisingly covered in green. The tree has not been watered even once and what's even strange is that it seems to have grown from nowhere. The mystery behind the tree attracts nearly 50,000 tourists every year. Studies have revealed that the tree of life is Acacia and was planted back in 1582.

The King Fahd Causeway
The King Fahd Causeway connects Saudi Arabia to Bahrain and was built to improve connections between the two countries. The view from the Causeway is brilliant and it is said that one can view the archipelago of islands from inside the Causeway.

The Bahrain Synagogue
The synagogue is located in the city of Manama and has fallen into ruins. Synagogues are known to be the Jewish houses of worship, however, the Bahrain Synagogue cannot be called one. What's interesting is Bahrain is the only Arab country that houses a Jewish synagogue. Moreover, Bahrain even has a small Jewish community that consists of about 35 members out of the total population in Bahrain. The synagogue was constructed by the Jews who had settled in Bahrain in the late 19th century.

The Bahrain Fort
Previously known as the Portugal Fort, it is one of the prominent archaeological sites in Bahrain. The area has been marked as a site for excavation and operations have been going on in the site since 1954. Since then, a large number of antiquities have been recovered. The site was once the capital of the Dilmun Civilization that had inhabited Bahrain. Most of the history of Bahrain is told through the artifacts recovered from this site. The area seems to hold a lot of insight into the history of the country during the Bronze and Copper Ages.

The Dilmun Burial Grounds
The Dilmun Burial Grounds is a burial site dating back to the Dilmun civilization and a number of following eras. It is thought to be one of the largest necropolises of the ancient world. Studies have shown that over 350,000 burial mounds were produced over a period of 1000 years by the ancient civilizations of the time. In the 1950s a Danish group that was excavating the site, they happened to open up some of the mounds in which they found antique items dating back to the period between 4100–3700 BP. The discovery of these artifacts has since then led to the excavation of more graves in the site.

Bahrain Phone Number Lookup | Country Code 973